Cheers for Chipchick

The lovely chicks over at Chipchick - Tech and Gadgets From a Girl's Perspective - blogged the Glo to Sleep the other day. Not sure how they found us, but so glad they did!

First thing that morning, we started to see lots of hits on our website, all coming from their blog, and before we knew it, we were getting hits from another blog - Crave on C-net. Bless the viral nature of the web, because by afternoon, we had even more visitors, these ones coming from another cool blog - Ubergizmo. This blog was titled "Insomniacs receive new hope" and was very flattering.

All day, we watched our StatCounter in fascination, as the sleepy came to our website to check things out. Orders, phone calls, comments and questions poured in, and it would end up to be our busiest day since we opened the doors.

By the next morning, we'd gone international! Blogged in Swedish on GadGeeks, in Portuguese on Digitaldrops, and in French on Ubergizmo/French.

We've been so busy since, that this is the first chance I've had to blog!

Today, we noticed a load of hits from Russia and Estonia and found a Glo to Sleep blog written in Russian on PopGadget! It's a lengthy post, and while we don't speak Russian, we had it loosely translated in Google, and it's very informative, as well as complimentary.

So, thanks to all the "gadget bloggers" out there! We believe that if everyone starts to get the sleep they need, the world will be a happier place - and you've helped us take another step towards that. And once our new customers become Glo to Sleepyheads, I'm sure they'll thank you too!