We've Been Stumbled Upon

On our website, on the "closer look" page, Tim did a great job creating a 360 degree Flash presentation so our visitors could have a view of the Glo to Sleep at all angles. We love that page and think it does a great job showcasing all the features of our product. Apparently, somebody else thought it was a great page! An unknown visitor to our website gave it the thumbs up and added it to StumbleUpon - a website that helps you discover and share cool websites. When you sign up, you get a StumbleUpon toolbar extension - when you find a site you like, you can click on the "thumb ups" icon and add it to StumbleUpon - then others can share in your discovery. You can also go to the StumbleUpon website and "channel surf" through some amazingly cool sites. We feel so honoured that were Stumbled Upon! And we're so glad we were given the opportunity to discover this site - it's alot of fun to browse and we use our new Stumble toolbar alot! Check it out and sign up - you'll be glad you did.

Thanks to whoever gave us the thumbs up, and thanks to all those Stumblers that have taken the time to check out our website!


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