Beyond A Marketing Campaign

When Dove initially launched their Real Beauty campaign, back in 2004, I was one of the first to stand up and applaud. I even remember calling into a radio talk show, to give my thumbs up (and strong opinion) as men and women openly discussed the idea of using REAL women in ads and on billboards (most of the male callers, at that time, were disgusted to have to look at some women's "flabby thighs" or round belly - they wanted to see supermodels!).

Well, the latest in the Dove campaign is a fast-forward-type film of the creation of a supermodel image. Several of my girlfriends have sent me the link - passing it along to everyone in their own address book. I'm witnessing something beyond a campaign - I'm seeing a movement. A movement of women embracing their own real beauty. A movement of mothers sharing these images of "real beauty" with their daughters. A movement where women can feel like it's okay to just be themselves.

As a marketer, I admire the Dove Real Beauty campaign. As a woman, I'm in awe of the Real Beauty movement. As both, a marketer and a woman, I thank Dove.


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