The World is a Happier Place!

The last few days, we have received numerous e-mails from our new Glo to Sleep friends (I like using the word "friends" as opposed to "customers") thanking us for the Glo to Sleep.
It's immensely rewarding reading their stories of how pleased they are that the Glo to Sleep is helping them.
One lady is so relieved that she doesn't have to fall asleep in front of the TV anymore, and another had her first sleep, in months, without any sleeping pills (and that was only on her second night with her Glo to Sleep!). One gentlemen was so pleased with his Glo to Sleep, he ordered two more so he could share the happiness with his family. Another was thrilled how well the Glo to Sleep worked with his CPAP machine - the CPAP helps him with his apnea but doesn't turn off his busy brain when he's trying to fall asleep. And we received the most touching e-mail from an American man who was given a Glo to Sleep, by a friend, for his injured wife. She was shot in a robbery attempt, two years ago, and has suffered paralysis to her right side. Her injuries have left her with sleep difficulties, and the Glo to Sleep is the first thing she has tried that has helped. The husband is not only happy for his wife, but since he is such a light sleeper, her sleeping problem was affecting him as well - now that she is sleeping better, so is he.

You know, everyone that writes always comments on how much more rested they feel when they wake up, and then throughout the day.

If I were asked what it is we sell, you might think that I would say "sleep".
But, we don't sell sleep.
We sell happier days.
Because when you're not sleeping, you can't be that happy.
It's hard to get through a day when you didn't sleep the night before and it's even harder to get through that day as a happy little camper.

Sleep is the bonus. We want our friends to be happier and that's what we are selling.

Happiness inspires thank you e-mails. Thank you e-mails make us happy. And the happiness just keeps flowing.