There is a an old saying, "Say whatever you want about me, just spell my name right".

Well, the good news is we were in the National Post on the weekend.
The bad news is they didn't spell our name right.

In the first part, of a three part series, by Anne Marie Owens at the National Post, about a growing sleepless society, Owens asks the reader to consider the Go to Sleep as a tool for a good night's sleep.

Yes, a "Go to Sleep".

We, at Go to Sleep, are "peddling" a breathable sleep mask. Where do we "peddle"? You'll have to figure that our for yourself . . . there's no mention of that in the article.

We did send the National Post a quick, polite and gracious e-mail suggesting that perhaps they could run an update with our official name (that would be GLO to Sleep) in the third part of the sleep series. But they said it was okay . . . if you Google 'go to sleep mask' - our website comes up!

Excellent! Thanks, Google!

Have a great sleep!



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