Sleep is Always in the News

Sleep is a popular subject - probably because there are so many people out there that aren't getting enough! Tim and I always Google sleep and insomnia articles in the News and Blogs. I came across this great piece yesterday about the madness of Big Pharma convincing the world that sleeping pills are the only answer. It's on Planet Chiropractic - and reading it reminded me of one of my favourite articles, written for the Sacramento Bee, that linked the big multi-million dollar launch of Lunesta with the "non-profit" National Sleep Foundation.
I'm not trying to be political (I'll save that for when I run for P.M.) or make bold claims of conspiracies (no need . . . it's already so transparent), but I do like to be informed as to what we are up against. And so, I hang on to what I hear from our customers every day - they want to do everything they can to avoid the sleeping pill prescription.
That's why we're here.
Have a great sleep!


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