All That We Let In
I was listening to an NPR On the Media podcast this morning from a few weeks ago and the guest said that whatever a blog is, it has to be exactly of the moment. She said, if it takes you longer than an hour and a half to write then it isn't a blog, that it's true and real in the moment that you are writing it and, in essence, is afterwords disposable.

Most of us would be shy to state a strong belief only to disagree with ourselves tomorrow, or the next day. But it was Ralph Waldo Emerson who said that a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of litle minds. He said that we must speak what we believe today in our loudest voice and, tomorrow, do the same even if it be different. It was his position that a ship that made a hundred tacks on its journey would reveal, in the end, its true course and destination. His belief was that consistency gets us nowhere. His point was that after a thousand tacks we will still regress to the essence of our true path. That from the macro level those seeemingly flip-flop choices of tacking back and forth bring us to the same ultimate destination.

So it is now that I beg for the macro. To see how it is that what I am doing now will lead to my ultimate truth. Hmmmm. This relates, at least in the ephemeral sense, to what it is that I blogged about this summer. What is truth? What is it that is constant, if anything?

Here, now, in this moment, I can only believe in here, the present. There is nothing else. There is only now and am I am too tired to consider what it is that brought us here. That, or, perhaps, I am unwilling to consider it.

"We are in an evolution I have heard it said. Everyone so busy now but do we move ahead. Planets hurling and atoms splitting. And a sweater for your love you sit there knitting. Well, I don't know where it all begins and I don't know where it will end, but we're better off for all that we let in."

And there it is. What is it that we let in? Please, God, if there is one, can we let it be more than about blatant and bland consumerism? Can it be about something more? Can it be about pushing ahead and helping the human venture? Can we get there?

Perhaps I'll believe differently on another day, but I believe that the Glo to Sleep will make a difference. I believe that the world will catch up to where we are and they will understand what Tim has created for the world.

Here's hoping.


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