Katie's Coup and a Few Other Observations

I'm sure others have already commented on this but that's the beauty of the blogosphere, right? Anyway, I've had my nose in Jared Diamond's "Collapse" and haven't really been paying attention to much else . . . more on that later.

So - Katie did a respectable job. She stumbled on one word but, who's counting? What I thought was the coup was getting the preview shots of baby Suri Cruise. Wow. Entertainment Tonight was left to just SAY they would be showing the shots the next day. What I thought was more interesting, however, was the setup for the piece and the new "Snapshot" segment. They looked back at pictures of baby Prince Charles and then cut to images of the Cruise family and baby Suri. Some 58 years ago it was national news that the new heir to the British throne was born, today, the equivalent royalty is the child of a movie star. The way the entire story was structured really created this sense of parity. I thought it was an interesting commentary on the state of celebrity in America.

The asking for help with suggestions for a signoff was a dud for me. Regardless of whether or not I think the entire concept of needing a signoff is valid - the whole point of it is that it essentially functions as a signature. It says something about the anchor. Further to my point in my blog the other day - Katie's all about connecting with people. In that way, I guess reaching out for input on her signature is in fact, her signature.

Besides, what do I know - she's the one with the $15M contract for about 4 - 5 minutes of on air time each day.


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