Thank you to our Glo to Sleepyheads!

I have to confess - there are days when we're working on getting the word of the Glo to Sleep out to "traditional media" that it's frustrating. We have this huge issue - that if it were considered a disease it would be an epidemic - which you think would trigger some form of interest. Plus, we have a product that really works and have the real stories of real people that it really helps. And still . . . you can't imagine how hard it is to get people to cover this story. Fortunately, we have crack reporters covering real issues like a Canadian coffee franchise switching to cup sizes called - are you ready - small, medium and large! I kid you not. This appeared in a national newspaper with a HUGE photo - the total real estate of the
article was nearly a half page!

But - we keep the faith! At least, Vanessa makes sure we all stay totally motivated - I think it's her unofficial job as the Oracle for Line 49. And, there are those people like Florence Cardinal, a fellow Albertan, who truly understand sleep and who didn't just write about the Glo to Sleep, she wrote about why it works. There are others that have covered the Glo to Sleep and happy, rested Glo to Sleepyheads which has been great. And, until the whole world knows about the Glo to Sleep - we'll keep working at it!


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