Creating A Movement

Vanessa and I were discussing the great future of the Glo to Sleep last night over some frosty beverages and got really excited when we started talking about a recent blog about
campaigns vs. movements by Spike Jones over at Brains on Fire.

If markets are conversations, then movements are the markets talking in unison. Correspondingly, campaigns are individuals trying to talk over others, desparate to be heard. Campaigns can be great, they can be exceptionally well done but raising above the other voices often takes big money. Big pharmaceuticals have that kind of budget, we don't. But that's fine - because we're not interested in a campaign, we're interested in movements and as Spike talks about - they're more organic and rooted in passion.

This is exactly how we think about the Glo to Sleep. This isn't about an ad campaign with a beginning and end. It's not about selling a product, its about giving sleep - a considerably more personal experience. Each time a problem sleeper becomes a Glo to Sleepyhead we are building a movement, not just a campaign.

From the beginning, we've wanted to see the person, not the customer. And, I think that's how you create a movement - real people making real connections.


Anonymous Spike said...

Great additional thoughts, Jamie. I wish you guys great sucess with your very uniquee product.

12:51 p.m.  
Anonymous Michael Wagner said...

Your story will be good follow.

Unison in a world of fragmented voices will be far from easy to achieve. But as you note, You are addressing a subjec much deeper than a mere purchase of a product.

I teach clients to aim past traditional transaction models to transformation. You're doing exactly that.

Thanks for being the livng labratory for this conversation!

2:16 p.m.  

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