When we started this business I knew getting the word out about the Glo to Sleep wasn't going to be easy - but we had all the essentials: a great product that really works and addresses a real problem and the right mix of people, skills and relationships to get the job done.

We decided from the very beginning we wanted to build something different with the Glo to Sleep. We don't look at the Glo to Sleep as a product so much as an answer. Each time a problem sleeper becomes a Glo to Sleepyhead, it feels like we got the answer right.

We don't have the advertising budget of big pharmaceuticals but we have a big vision: one person at a time we want to build a sleep revolution (that's natural and doesn't build a chemical dependency!).

We've had people look at us strange and think we were crazy for taking this on all by ourselves - but we always ask: why not us? Why does somebody else have to do it? And, so, here we are, doing it.


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